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what is  modern camp chair?

Fold out camp stools can be as basic as wooden fold out stools, but also as streamlined as one style that weighs only one pound and folds out to a stool, and then folds up small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Folding camp chairs have also changed so much over the years. Most are made of light weight vinyl or Dacron, and a cup holder is not an accessory but the standard design. Heavy duty camping chairs usually are also vinyl or Dacron laced to light weight aluminum. This design is made for rugged durability and comfort. You can find almost any color, special prints, patterns, or even a custom logo on your chair. Kids chairs come in bright patterns and with some cartoon designs, but also will have the same rugged grown up look.

If you are entering the new romance stage, or just want to be cozy by the fire, a double camping chair or love seat might be the chair for your camping trip. This sling back chair is designed much like the camp chairs for one and many come with a head rest pad. Weight limits, if you are concerned, usually are 400 pounds.

Camping lounge chairs offer the comfort of a home lounge chair to pull close to the fire. Some designs include the camp chair with leg rest that recline; others are ergo reclining lounge chairs that offer balance and comfort to your legs, head and arms.

Alps Mountaineering camp chairs are top of the line camp chairs at affordable prices. The comfy padded camp chairs are built wider than most chairs and have curved arm rests. You can also choose mesh or fabric for the material. The chairs from Alps Mountaineering are sturdier than most camp chairs and fold flat for easy transportation. The super snack table attaches easily to the chair and is a great feature. The Alps Mountaineering Company also carries a folding patio lounger with an adjustable headrest. The Lay-z chair adjusts to almost any reclining position with ease and the laced design is sure to give you many hours of pure relaxation at the camp site.

These chairs are no longer like your old folding lawn chairs. Because of the modern design trend in camp chairs, some have been featured in home magazines as patio furniture. Whether you are looking for a basic camping chair or something with a little more comfort or style you will surely find it on our friends website.